Association pour le développement inténomique A.s.b.l.

Association pour le développement inténomique

Our Vision


APODI is committed to social change, towards a society which is characterised by the conscious, responsible and benevolent interaction of people with themselves, with each other and between generations as well as with our earth (including the environment, nature and all living creatures).

"The whole is greater than
the sum of the parts"



Our vision describes a world which respects nature and the dignity of all living beings (Gaia). We assume that the necessary technologies as well as sufficient idealistic and material resources are already available today to satisfy all elementary needs of mankind. A significant part of humanity is also aware that change is urgently needed, because maintaining the existing social behaviour will inevitably lead to ecological, economic and social collapse and ultimately to the destruction of our livelihood.



The challenge is to find the right combination and the right access to and use of our resources. In our information age, it is essential to filter out the relevant information and to identify and network with people, organisations and technologies in order to create a healthier society in accordance with the motto "The whole is more than the sum of its parts".


The challenge is to contribute to a healthier society, which is no longer primarily focused on economic gain, but rather balances social and ecological aspects as well as health and humanism with a holistic approach in addition to economic and technical aspects (the "intenomic approach"). Humanism stands for human dignity and the rights of each individual to personal development and the unfolding of their potential.


In our vision, independent, non-governmental organizations (NGOs, associations, foundations, etc.) and volunteers form the third pillar of society alongside the government and the economy. This third pillar plays an increasingly important role in society as privatisation, liberalisation and digitalization tendencies progress.


APODI wants to counteract a possible future which [...] will be characterised by man-made crisis, increasingly complex conflicts, dwindling resources and the continuous neglect of people in need. Instead, APODI would like to focus on the possibilities that the enormous progress of the last decades has brought about, especially the chances that digitalisation offers, in order to define a new possible future and subsequently promote corresponding transformation processes.


We believe that most people, in their quest for self-realization (which includes self-love and charity), want to help others and want to work for the common good as soon as they are given the opportunity. In our vision, digitalisation will lead to a reduction in working hours, which will create new freedom. These freedoms could be used for sensible and meaningful activities. APODI would like to support people, private and public organisations as well as governments in this process in the form of publications (pointing out possibilities) and networking (building a network of people and societies and a database of information, technologies, methods, etc.), by helping people to help themselves and by supporting or carrying out projects or initiatives.

"Nothing is lost nothing is created everything is transformed"

attributed to Antoine Lavoisier

Our Values


We believe that man is fundamentally good as soon as his basic needs are met, no violence is inflicted on him and he is fully aware of himself. If we accept our dark or cruel side (called "shadow" by C.G. Jung) and integrate it into our personality, i.e. learn to control it, we do not have to fight these shadows (sometimes with violence) in other persons, groups and ethnic groups.



Our mission is to support the change towards sustainability. We want to inform about sustainable opportunities (initiatives, organisations, methods, techniques or technologies as well as materials) and create a platform where people and organisations can network and get involved. We inform, network, research, support and advise.

"We live in the Best of all possible worlds"

based on Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz

Our Values

Responsibility and awareness

Respect and tolerance
(also fault tolerance)



Culture of sharing

Human dignity and self-realisation

We are oriented internationally according to the motto "think globally act locally". We believe that we can master the great challenges of our time by acting in solidarity and understanding one another within the international community.

We are committed to humanism, human rights as well as the national and international institutions, states and governments. We are impartial, i.e. not affiliated to any political party, but open to all currents which do not contradict humanism. In particular, we reject all forms of violence.


We are pro-active and constructive, i.e. we do not want to criticize, complain or condemn, but to understand, point out challenges and focus on the potential solutions and their implementation.

Research is usually also a component of the initiatives and projects carried out by APODI. The focus is either on accompanying projects – to conduct research on the impact of a given project - or research serves the analysis before the start of an initiative.


APODI provides scholarships in the form of financing of Phds, seminar or diploma theses for students finalizing their studies or training.



In our view, research and education is an essential component of any social transformation. Therefore, APODI attaches great importance to the cooperation with educational institutions such as universities, colleges, high schools, primary schools and playschools.


APODI uses the promotion of scientific works (e.g. Phd thesis) in which topics are analyzed which are relevant to APODI’s initiatives and projects. Furthermore, research on topics which are neither supported by state funds nor by funds from commercial companies and which serve a general interest is to be promoted. Here, APODI would like to fill the gap which arises due to a lack of economic interests and state support.



APODI is dedicated to building a network of individuals, organizations and companies. This network should fulfill several purposes.


On the one hand, it should enable exchange, inspiration and joint initiatives. The network is not limited to members of the association but should include all those who support the change towards sustainability. In the future it is planned to do a due diligence on the actors and information which are accessible through this network in order to validate the compliance with the intenomic principles. 


Furthermore, the network will be used to disseminate information about new or already existing methods, techniques or technologies as well as materials that meet the intenomic criteria and can thus contribute to sustainable development.


And finally, the network should contribute to the discovery of economic and global interrelationships and create transparency in order to be able to calculate a global Pareto Optimum in the long run.



APODI or one of its affiliated companies from the network support individuals, organisations, municipalities or public institutions by providing consulting services using the intenomic approach.



APODI publishes or makes information publicly available within its network but also via its website. Publications can also take place via traditional ways (e.g. the press, YouTube, etc.)

Concept Papers


The purpose of the concept papers is to develop potential solutions for the current challenges which our society is facing. Various aspects of the solutions are analysed and their feasibility is examined. The concept papers are usually the preparation for the implementation of a project and already contain a procedure and a rough implementation plan for the project to come.