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APODI supports phönIQs with the foundation of a nature primary school in the Frankfurt am Main area. APODI focuses on the preparation of the business case and the analysis and mediation of financing possibilities.

phönIQs-Naturgrundschule imTaunus wants to learn from and in nature, develop responsibility and sustainability, awaken the spirit of research, follow curiosity and ask open-ended questions. Lessons are to take place mainly outdoors and are to be held in small groups of different subjects and ages with a good staff ratio (1:10). Learning in nature means learning through experience and with all senses in community, overcoming (one's own) limits, finding one's own ways and acquiring lasting knowledge.

phönIQs natürlichLernen gGmbH - nature primary school

Status: Project

Start: on hold - due to COVID-19

current ideas and projects


In addition to the further development of the intenomic approach, APODI supports the following initiatives.

The purpose of the association is not the marketing or financing of projects, companies and initiatives, but the support or initiation of projects, organizations or initiatives that are in line with the intenomic approach.

APODI designs and supports the launch of an investment fund with the overarching goal of preserving our biosphere.
The fund's mission includes the involvement of business, science, civil society and governments to find and implement holistic and sustainable investment solutions. Another essential element is the disclosure of a non-monetary return, which represents the impact of the investments made on nature and society - broken down to each individual investor.

Green Deal Climate Fund

Status: project

Start: June 2020

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Below you can inform us of the top 10 challenges you see for our society. It is important to list those challenges in order of priority. Therefore please write a number in front of the topic (e.g. 1. plastic pollution of the oceans, 2. child abuse, 3. wars, 4. xenophobia, etc.).


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